Translucent yellow glow w/embryo

Translucent yellow glow w/embryo

Translucent yellow with UV glow(use uv flashlight to charge) with reddish embryo . Charge with UV flashlight for glow!
Quantities vary depending upon size ordered, smaller the bead the more beads you get per order.
Available in 10mm up to the Fishzilla.- 16mm (6 soft beads), 19mm (5 soft beads), 4 beads in 32 & 25mm, 20 in 8mm, 15 in 10mm, 9 in 15mm clusters, 7 in 19mm clusters, or 10 soft beads in 12mm. All beads available in any color combo, 'cluster' or 'regular soft bead' contact for details and stand out from the crowd with a custom bead creation! If you want a certain buoyancy just let us know. We beat anyones prices and offer a top of the line product

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Thanks everyone!