Pink Blue Opal(PBO) UV

Pink Blue Opal(PBO) UV

Our version of the popular “Steelhead Pink”This Bead is Pink with Blue Opal, UV, and blue flake(other stuff too)
This bead has proven itself to be a slayer in all conditions with Steelhead, Salmon and Trout! This is our best all around getter!

All beads available in 10mm up to the Fishzilla(32mm).-
16mm Clusters(6 soft beads), 8 in 14mm, 19mm (5 soft beads), 4 beads in 32 & 25mm, 15 beads in 10mm, 6 in 16mm clusters, or 10 soft beads in 12mm. All beads available in any color combo. Stand out from the crowd with a custom bead creation(email us)! If you want a certain buoyancy just let us know otherwise all beads are our neutral formula buoyancy natural drift. We beat anyones prices and offer a top of the line product. All products are made in Oregon. Thank you for supporting a small family owned business!